This is one of those crazy I cant believe this happened experiences. I had 2 townhouses next door to each other & had attempted to sell 1 for 2 years to no avail It was completely updated carpet tile, even doors windows roof trim molding lights plumbing etc...9 years ago but furniture towels and other accessories were a bit outdated....I loved my antiques but "Bobbi said "gone with them" She bet me that if I staged it I would get an offer within a month. Bobbi is a client of mine, so I've known her & trust her,... decided to give her a go at staging my place to see if it would work. Well, I lost the bet....within 24 hours of placing the last piece of furniture, I had showing & it sold. SO I moved everything exactly like it was, furniture , wall hangings, shower curtain, pillows, etc... to the neighboring TH & within 1 week IT SOLD TOO!!! (by the 2nd showing) Both sold at 98% & 99% of offering price. I then had to find an apartment to live in temporarily until I can locate another home to buy. Without question I will have Bobbi stage my new home so I can enjoy it while I live there instead of waiting to make it nice for someone else. Bobbi worked very hard at staying within my budget, aimed to please beyond what I expected. She is a real PRO, a natural in this space & very fun to work with. I highly recommend Bobbi & Crescent Hill Home Staging & Design.




I turn to Bobbi Jo from Crescent Hill Home Staging when I need professional assistance as a Realtor to stage my listings and advise my Sellers how to give their home a fresh look before putting it on the market. She breezes through homes for consultations and the Sellers jot down all her ideas and get to work. Her eye for details transfer to great suggestions that make a huge difference and help homes sell quickly. Bobbi goes above and beyond and has an incredible work ethic . . . I highly recommend Crescent Hill Home Staging & Design to any Realtor looking for a stager. See below for review from one of my clients.


“In 2016, we decided to put our Treesdale home on the market, as we had decided it was time to downsize. It was important to us that we sell in a timely manner, as we already had a close date on our new home, 3 and 1/2 months out. 


Our realtor hooked us up with Bobbi Balicki, from Crescent Hill Home Staging. We used the consultation service only, and we were very pleased with her ideas and input. She spent a few hours with us, going through each room one by one, and sharing her ideas for how to improve the staging, what to get rid of, what to repair or replace, and generally, helping us to understand what we needed to do to make our home show well, and stand out to potential buyers.


After only a little more than a month on the market(most of it in the month of February), our home sold. I do believe that Bobbi's suggestions and insights greatly facilitated our quick sale. 


Bobbi is professional, knowledgeable, experienced and honest. We would certainly recommend her to anyone wanting to prepare their home for sale in today's competitive market.”




I recommend Bobbi without reservation. She was wonderful, easy to talk to and very understanding and I loved the way she made our house look. AND it did sell within a couple of months of staging. Great job!




Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are to have had the privilege to work with Bobbi during our transition from Nashville to Pittsburgh! She went above and beyond our expectations to give us the smoothest moving transition we've experienced yet, and had our home feeling warm and welcoming on the day we arrived to our new city! Transitions to new cities are never easy and my husband (former Pittsburgh Steeler) and I have been through many. I was in shock with the joy and amazement I felt about how beautiful our new apartment looked, and wanted to show it off to my friends and family immediately! All the furniture and decorations were perfectly placed and neatly arranged, and the best part was...we didn't have to lift a finger! There is honestly no feeling like walking into a brand new home that already feels like “home.” It truly warmed our hearts the instant we walked through the door. Through communication by phone calls and picture messages, she was able to create a perfect atmosphere that suited our interests. Bobbi always made herself available to discuss decor options and answer questions, and invested her time and energy with a passion that cannot be measured! She was the biggest blessing we had upon our arrival to Pittsburgh, and greeted us with open arms and an enthusiasm that can't be matched. She truly is a remarkable woman and became an incredible friend! We are so amazed by her talents! Thank you times a billion Bobbi!!!




Bobbi Jo listens to your likes and dislikes and boy does she get it. Bobbi and Vicki were an amazing team. Vicki helped me to pick the perfect pieces of art work for my family room. We looked at many artists until she suggested an artist that I had never seen or heard of before. We ordered 2 large pieces of work for my family room and I couldn't be happier. Bobbi Jo helped me to match a rug for my family room that ties the color scheme perfectly to the new art work. Bobbi Jo and her team were tremendous. Bobbi Jo assisted me with decorating book shelves in my living room and finding large pieces of art for my walls in there and my dining room. I couldn't be happier! I would use Bobbi Jo's team over and over! I can't wait to hire them for my next project.